C7H 8x4 Flat Deck Transporter with HMF3220 Crane


Sinotruk C7H 8x4 Flat Deck Transporter with HMF3220 Crane

The new Sinotruk C7H offers you flexibility with a high torque 540HP engine, drivelines and wheelbases in chassis configurations to meet your transportation requirements.

Leading safety features include a built in crumple zone, ABS and EBS.

6500mm Deck with shiplocks for 20' shipping Container.

HMF3220 K6 Crane with 6070kg Max Capacity

50mm Ringfeder.

MTW Lockable toolbox and chain bin.

Design Features

HMF3220 K6 Crane

6070kg Max capacity.

Full Height Headboard

Includes 400mm foot pad holders.


MTW Lockable toolbox and chain bin.


Maxistab 2EHA with 400mm foot pads.


Truck Specifications


GVM: 31,000kg

GCM: 75,000kg

TARE: Unknown

Max load of two axles: (Front) 6500/6500kg

Max load of two axles: (Rear) 18,000kg


Max speed: 110km/h

Max turning diameter: 22.4m

Max climb gradient: 35%

Fuel Tank Capacity: 400L


Model: F Cab

Seats: 2

Cab turning radius: 2800mm


Model: MC13.54-50

Displacement: 12.419L

Power Rating: 394kW / 540HP @ 1900r/min

Max Torque: 2500Nm @ 1050-1350r/min


Model: CH430-25 diaphragm

Operation mode: Hydraulic with air


Model: HW25712XS Manual

Forward gear ratio: 15.012, 11.667, 9.03, 7.146, 5.568, 4.375, 3.431, 2.667, 2.064, 1.633, 1.273, 1

Reverse gear ratio: 13.811, 3.157


Model: Trapezium frame

Main beam cross-section: 300mm x 85mm x 8mm

Width of frame assembly: (Front) 940mm

Width of frame assembly: (Rear) 850mm

Driving Axle

Model: MCY13 Disc

Redactor ratio: 3.7

Redactor ratio: (Optional) 3.36, 4.11, 2.85

Differential Lock: Diff lock + cross lock

Front Axle

Model: HF7 Disc


Front suspension model: Spring

Front suspension type: 4 Leaf parabolic

Rear suspension model: Spring

Rear suspension type: 5 Leaf parabolic

Steering Gear

Model: Ball circle

Ratio: 22.2~26.2

Max pressure of pump: 18,300kPa

Braking System

Working pressure: 1000kPa

Drive braking type: Dual circuit compressed air brake

Brake power adjust type: ABS, EBL, ASR

Parking brake type: Spring stored energy air cut brake

Assistant brake type: EVB


Circuit type: Double, control positive pole

Voltage: 24V

Generator power: 2.0kW

Batteries: 2x12V / 165Ah


Trailer brakes: ABS to rear

Cabin: Sunvisor, side skirts

Retarder: VR115CT

Transporter Deck Specifications


Deck length: 6400mm

Deck width: 2500mm

Deck type: High tensile steel floor

Stabilisers: Maxistab 2EHA

Headboard: Full cab headboard with panel to protect rear window, Integrated 400mm foot pad holders

Tailboard: Low height tailboard

Lights - side: Hella side lights with indicator halfway down

Lights - rear: Two Hella stop / tail and one indicator per side, Two reversing lights, Flashing beacon on roof, x2 work lights

Rope rails: Rope rails under coaming rail

Ship locks: Ship lock pockets for 20' container

Mud flaps: Black MTE mud flaps

Storage: MTW toolbox mounted under deck

Storage: x2 MTW toolboxes mounted under crane

Draw beam: 50mm Ringfeder

Oil tank: 170L Oil tank mounted under deck, Right hand side, access hatch on deck


Premium Service

Truck Servicing

24/7 Truck repair and servicing.


Genuine Parts

The right parts when you need them.


12 Month Warranty

12 Month factory return to base warranty.


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